The Club

2015-2016 Season

A Club that listens and adapts itself for its members

If you think that:

  • Contemporary art is reserved only for the enlightened and the insiders,
  • Budgets to begin a collection are excessive,
  • France is outdated,
  • Artists, art collectors, and gallery owners are strange people,
  • Cash is king, and due to lack of resources, means, and time, you would lose your shirt if you threw yourself into this adventure,
  • Etc. or the complete opposite,

We have created a club for you!

Club 55Bellechasse plans a fixed program each year, as well as flexible dates to offer you moments with your friends, clients, or prospects.

55Bellechasse will host an estimated 15 dinners and 6 brunches between September 2015 and June 2016—in line with Paris Contemporary Art Fair events (Art Paris week, FIAC, Paris Photo, etc.) and with the international calendar.

All that you, the member, have to do is attend a minimum of 5 dinners and 2 brunches. These events come with an annual membership contribution of 1000€. The dinner budgets range from 80€-100€ depending on the menu and/or the number of guests (all-inclusive).

A Club for favored members

Direct access to all permanent 55Bellechasse artists and a VIP status at art fairs in which 55Bellechasse participates and at our pre-openings for exhibitions (including an organized and guided tour, if possible by one of our own artists)

A member card, a Club 55Bellechasse T-shirt, catalogues, and a badge

A Club 55Bellechasse Prize

History of 55Bellechasse

  • Since its creation in 2013, 55Bellechasse has played a role in the emergence of 15 international artists with an approach that combines certain timeless traditions of art dealership with an entrepreneurial and international outlook on the new challenges that have changed the business over the past ten years.
  • With your help, 55Bellechasse can improve the chances for artists to become successful and to continue to be successful for a long time, so that they can live off of their art.

By the numbers

Since 2013 :

  • 15 artists under exclusive contracts (painters, photographers, and sculptors from 8 countries and with an average age close to 40) who regularly represent us in international art trade fairs and shows
  • 15 artists invited to show their art in temporary exhibitions at 55Bellechasse-Paris7
  • More than 50 articles and reports on the radio or on television about 55Bellechasse and/or its artists
  • More than 50 exhibitions in France and abroad, including multiple art fairs

Pieces priced from 500€ to 50,000€, and the option to place specific orders


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Our 5 Commitments

  • To share chic and healthy meals with you (dinners, brunches, and cocktail parties) in a gallery of contemporary artists
  • To form ideas for and build projects having to do with one or several 55Bellechasse Artists
  • To have an annual budget completely controlled by members
  • To base our gatherings on one of these five themes:
    • artist profile;
    • the production of a work;
    • primary and secondary contemporary art market
    • patronage / taxation / investments;
    • current affairs
  • To host guest speakers recognized for their professionalism as well as fun activities, and to have a staff that works to make every moment enjoyable

Contact us

55Bellechasse – le Club
55 rue de Bellechasse
75007 PARIS

Aipad New York - March 30 - April 2, 2017


London Art Fair - 18-22 January 2017


Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary


International agenda

Find 55Bellechasse artists in :

Scope Miami - Nov 29th-Dec 4th 2016