Born in 1978 in Tensamane (Morocco), she lives and works in Paris region.

Five Questions I Five answers

What is it like to be an artist today?
A great freedom. Audacity can be free to seduce even by provoking.

How would you define your work in 5 words?
Metamorphosis, hybrid, subconscious, humor, mythology.

What is the best tool to create a work of art? why?
It often is the work that wants to emerge. I create my work with what I found around me. A piece of silence, a piece of noise, a bit of Indian Ink, watercolor, images, a note of music, a bit of attention, the paper’s fragility, a piece of inattention.

What message do you wish to convey through your art?
I do not want a message. I show things and people understand what they want. It is not always the right interpretation but I have no initial intension.

Which facet of your art are you presenting in this exhibition?
To transform violence through humor. Recreate conditions for a unique and rich perception.



La Cavalière, 2014
Crayon, collage sur papier
42 x 29,7 cm

La Balade, 2015
Poils de chatte, encre, collage sur papier
40 x 30 cm

La Dormeuse, 2015
Encre de Chine, collage sur papier
40 x 30 cm

Harmonie Serpentine, 2014
Technique mixte sur toile
100 x 80 cm


Aipad New York - March 30 - April 2, 2017


London Art Fair - 18-22 January 2017


Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary


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