55Bellechasse - Paris 7

Tuesday, October 18th 2016

Opening of the Solo Show of Jon DAVIS - recent works





Tuesday, September the 20th 2016

Opening of the exhibition Duo and debate between masters - Janos KALMAR and Vladimir SULYAGIN - recent works

Thursday, September the 8th 2016

Opening of the exhibition MISE EN BOUCHE

vernissage-9 vernissage-10 vernissage-8 vernissage-7 vernissage-5 vernissage-4 vernissage-3 vernissage-2 vernissage-1 vernisage-11


Thursday, July the 7th 2016

Opening of the exhibition Fabrice AINAUT

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Thursday, June the 9th 2016

Opening of the exhibition Olga CALDAS

V-8 V-9 v-5 v-6 v-3 v-4 V-1 V-2 V-7

Tuesday,  May the 31th 2016

Ending of the collective exhibition FACES N°2

V-8 V-7 V-6 V-5 V-4 V-3 V-2

Tuesday,  May the 24th 2016

Opening of the exhibition FACES N°2 : Mahnaz DOUSTIKHAH

V1 V2 v9 v8 v7 v6 v5 v4 v3

Tuesday,  May the 17th 2016

Opening of the exhibition FACES N°2 : Vladimir SULYAGIN

V1 V2 V3 V4 V5 V6 V7 V8 V9 V10 V11

Tuesday,  May the 10th 2016

Opening of the exhibition FACES N°2 : Milan MEDIC & Caroline SICHEL

V1 V2 v3 v4 v5 v6 v7 v8

Tuesday,  May the 3rd 2016

Opening of the exhibition FACES N°2 : Marie-Line Goldenberg, dite TILLANDSIA

13161701_1094570740584656_8928769700224462017_oIMG_9232IMG_9366 IMG_9380 IMG_9405 IMG_9432 IMG_9435 IMG_9497 IMG_9587 IMG_9145 IMG_9511 IMG_9197  IMG_9352 IMG_9323

Tuesday, April 26 2016

Opening of the exhibition FACES N°2 : Mina EL BAKALI & Dominique EVRARD

V8 V2V1 V3 V4 V5 V6 V7

Tuesday, April 19 2016

Opening of the exhibition FACES N°2 : James MIILLE

V8 V7 V6 V5 V4 V3 V2 V1

Tuesday, April 12 2016

Opening of the exhibition FACES N°2

V9 V2V1 V3 V4 V5 V6 V7

Tuesday, March 22 2016

Opening of the exhibition Christiaan CONRADIE

01 (1) IMG_0028 christian4 christian10 christian11 christian8 IMG_0027 IMG_0033 christian5 christian3 Vernisage Conradie

Tuesday, February 2nd 2016

Opening of the exhibition Diadji DIOP & Pascal VOCHELET

IMG_0147 IMG_0140 IMG_0127 IMG_0121 IMG_0109 IMG_0102 IMG_0100 IMG_0095 IMG_0092 IMG_0066 IMG_0052 IMG_0046 IMG_0039 IMG_0025 IMG_0004

Thursday, December the 17th 2015

Opening of the exhibiton of Carole DELAYE

C12 C11 C10 C9 C8 C6 C7 C6 C4 C3 C2 C1

Thursday, November the 19th 2015

Opening of the exhibiton Christmas Time #3

IMG_0207 IMG_0191 IMG_0180 IMG_0143 IMG_0260 IMG_0236 IMG_0224 IMG_0164 IMG_0135 IMG_0100 IMG_0067 IMG_0062

Tuesday, October the 27th 2015

Opening of the exhibiton of Jon DAVIS & Edouard MERZOUK

IMG_1664 IMG_1662 IMG_1660 IMG_1656 IMG_1653 IMG_1652 IMG_1650 IMG_1646 IMG_1639 IMG_1636 IMG_1616 IMG_1613 IMG_1611 IMG_1608

Thursday, October the 1st 2015

Opening of the exhibiton of David RAMIREZ-GOMEZ

IMG_0789 IMG_0787 IMG_0891 IMG_0879 IMG_0875 IMG_0864 IMG_0858 IMG_0856 IMG_0848 IMG_0844 IMG_0843 IMG_0836 IMG_0832 IMG_0827 IMG_0814 IMG_0807 IMG_0799

Tuesday September the 8th 2015

Opening of the exhibition of Elodie PIERRAT & Hui SHEN

IMG_0259 IMG_0273 IMG_0255 IMG_0266 IMG_0318 IMG_0317 IMG_0313 IMG_0299 IMG_0288 IMG_0281 IMG_0255 IMG_0252 IMG_0251 IMG_0245 IMG_0244 IMG_0243 IMG_0219 IMG_0216

Tuesday, June the 30th 2015

Opening of the exhibition n°17 : Olsen GROISEAU

IMG_7700 IMG_7697 IMG_7693 IMG_7689 IMG_7684 IMG_7683 IMG_7677 IMG_7670 IMG_7667 IMG_7663

Tuesday, June the 8th 2015

Opening of the exhibition "Souvenirs de Syrie et du Liban" : Isabelle MANOUKIAN

Tuesday, June the 2nd 2015

Opening of the exhibition Peintures d'images : Marion Midy

IMG_6798 IMG_6803  IMG_6885 IMG_6876 IMG_6875IMG_6874 IMG_6871 IMG_6862 IMG_6861 IMG_6857 IMG_6853 IMG_6846 IMG_6829 IMG_6818 IMG_6813 IMG_6811 IMG_6793 IMG_6786

Friday, May the 29th 2015

Opening of the exhibition 55 anecdotes : Massimo Gargia

IMG_6774 IMG_6746 IMG_6710 IMG_6704 IMG_6701 IMG_6698 IMG_6689 IMG_6681 IMG_6674 IMG_6684 IMG_6668 IMG_6634 IMG_6624 IMG_6619 IMG_6621 IMG_6596 IMG_6594 IMG_6592 IMG_6584 IMG_6575 IMG_6577 IMG_6668

Friday, May the 8th 2015

Flyer-Faces-Avril 2015 (1)

Opening during FACES : Balder

IMG_6302 IMG_6382 IMG_6380 IMG_6373 IMG_6372 IMG_6367 IMG_6363 IMG_6360 IMG_6355 IMG_6353 IMG_6351 IMG_6332 IMG_6328 IMG_6323 IMG_6318 IMG_6315 IMG_6309

Tuesday, May the 5th , 2015

Flyer-Faces-Avril 2015 (1)

Opening during FACES : Moyu ZHANG

IMG_6220 IMG_6299 IMG_6296 IMG_6295 IMG_6292 IMG_6273 IMG_6269 IMG_6268 IMG_6259 IMG_6250 IMG_6249 IMG_6240 IMG_6235 IMG_6232 IMG_6230 IMG_6229 IMG_6227

Tuesday, April the 28th , 2015

Flyer-Faces-Avril 2015 (1)

Opening during FACES : Jeanne SOCQUET & Alexis MITELBERG

03 04 02 05 19 18 17 16 15 13 12 09

Sunday, April 26th 2015

Flyer-Faces-Avril 2015 (1)


Brunch / Opening FACES : "duo" Jeanne SOCQUET & Alexis MITELBERG

IMG_6011 IMG_5993 IMG_6010 IMG_6004 IMG_6002 IMG_5987 IMG_6020 IMG_6019 IMG_6018 IMG_6016 IMG_6014

Tuesday, April the 21th , 2015

Flyer-Faces-Avril 2015 (1)


Opening during FACES : "solo" Carlotta BERTELLI & Gianluca GUAITOLI

01 IMG_5858 IMG_5874 IMG_5869 IMG_5867 IMG_5863 IMG_5910 IMG_5908 IMG_5907 IMG_5902 IMG_5896

Sunday 19th April 2015

Flyer-Faces-Avril 2015 (1)


Brunch during FACES : "duo" Brigitte ALIOT & Carlotta BERTELLI

IMG_5844 IMG_5820 IMG_5815 IMG_5805 IMG_5799 IMG_8223

Thursday, April the 17th 2015

Flyer-Faces-Avril 2015 (1)


Opening of the exhibition FACES : Brigitte ALIOT & Olivier LEGAN

1 2 22 21 19 18 17 16 15 14 13 11 7 6 5 3

Sunday 12th April 2015

Flyer-Faces-Avril 2015 (1)


Opening during FACES (brunch): "solo" Ahmad NEJAD

IMG_7903 IMG_7922 IMG_8072 IMG_8099 IMG_8181

Tuesday, April the 7th 2015

Flyer-Faces-Avril 2015 (1)


Opening of the exhibition FACES : Luca DE GAETANO

IMG_5568 IMG_5576 IMG_5646 IMG_5638 IMG_5636 IMG_5632 IMG_5626 IMG_5619 IMG_5618 IMG_5615 IMG_5588 IMG_5585

Thursday, April 2nd 2015

Flyer-Faces-Avril 2015 (1)

Opening of the exhibition FACES n°1

IMG_5455 IMG_5543 IMG_5525 IMG_5521 IMG_5484 IMG_5475

Tuesday, February 3rd 2015


Opening of the exhibition Eros & Thantos n°1

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2014 toward 2015

Wishes form 55Bellechasse - Paris7



Wednesday, November the 12th 2014

Opening of the exhibition n°16 : Tomasz KANIOWSKI

IMG_3390 IMG_3402 IMG_3404 IMG_3409 IMG_3414 IMG_3419 IMG_3435 IMG_3437 IMG_3438 IMG_3444 IMG_3446

Wednesday, November the 5th 2014

Opening of Elodie PIERRAT's exhibition (Mois de la Photo OFF)

IMG_3306 01 02 05 07 08  IMG_3345 IMG_3348 IMG_3350

Tuesday, October 21th 2014

Opening of the exhibition n°15 : Christine ORBAN

55B-DT-CO 55B-FS-CO-Lowdef 55B-Marielle-LowDef 55B-PPDA-BS 55B-PPDA-FS-CO-Lowdef IMG_2858 IMG_2874 IMG_2883 IMG_2897 IMG_2936 IMG_3026  IMG_3172


Tuesday, September 30th 2014


Opening of the exhibition n°8bis : SUN Moqing

L9992861 L9992857 L9992854 L9992846 L9992839 L9992841 L9992852  L9992844 L9992866 L9992842

Tuesday, September 9th 2014


Opening of the exhibition n°13 : Rétrospective Ferdinand BOUTARD

01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 0910

Sunday, September 7th 2014


Iranian Brunch n°3

bruch1 bruch2 bruch4 bruch5 bruch6 bruch7 bruch8a bruch9 brunch3

Summer 2014


photo 3(6)


6 Summer Exhibitions / Diadji DIOP : 1 Minute 55 d'images de 55Bellechasse

Summer 2014


niloufar sang 2 photo 1(5) photo 1(1) photo 5(4) photo 3(8) photo 4(4) photo 2(6) photo 2(4) IMG_0838 photo 1(9) photo 1(6) photo 1(9)

Saint-Tropez 2014

Summer 2014


photo 3(5)


Summer 2014 - 55Bellechasse

Sunday July the 6th 2014


Iranian brunch n°2

brunch1A brunch2A brunch3A bruch4A brunch5A brunch6A brunch7A bruch9A brunch8A brunch9A

Week-end du 14 & 15 juin 2014

Galerie 55Bellechasse


Workshop n°1 des artistes 55Bellechasse

Week-end du 14 & 15 juin 2014

Galerie 55Bellechasse


Workshop n°1 - Artists 55Bellechasse 

Tuesday June 24th 2014


Opening of the exhibition n°12 : Diadji DIOP

IMG_2325 IMG_2326 IMG_2331 IMG_2346 IMG_2344 IMG_2352 IMG_2395 IMG_2383 IMG_2381 IMG_2368 IMG_2365 IMG_2364 IMG_2339 IMG_2415

Minute 55 n°7 - Part 1

Minute 55 n°7 - Part 2

Sunday May 18th 2014


Iranian Brunch n°1 

IMG_1137 IMG_1179 IMG_1182 IMG_1209 IMG_1211 IMG_1230 IMG_1243 IMG_1244 IMG_1256 IMG_1275 IMG_1288 IMG_1293

Tuesday May 13th 2014


Opening of the exhibition n°11 : Carole DELAYE

IMG_0809 IMG_0812 IMG_0805 IMG_0838 IMG_0804 IMG_0823

IMG_0829  IMG_0835 IMG_0867  IMG_0874

Tuesday April 15th 2014


Opening of the exhibition 55B&W N°1

IMG_0116 IMG_0678 IMG_0681 IMG_0683 IMG_0686 IMG_0689 IMG_0693 IMG_0696 IMG_0697

Wednesday March 19th 2014


Opening of the exhibition n°10 : Sasha de Saint-Tropez

IMG_0320 IMG_0328 image,image_1 image_5 image_7 IMG_0351 IMG_0349 image_2 IMG_0345 IMG_0343 IMG_0302 image_6

Wednesday March 19th 2014


First Birthday of the Gallery : Auction Sale, Cocktail and Diner


jeudi 20 mars 2014


55 hours to be ready for the birthday of 55Bellechasse - here is a one minute 55 seconds summary  - 55Bellechasse - Paris7

Wednesday March 19th 2014


Auction Sale in favor of PlaNet Finance and First Birthday of the Gallery

IMG_0258 IMG_0249 IMG_0237 IMG_0235 IMG_0232 IMG_0230 IMG_0229 IMG_0227 IMG_0226 IMG_0223 IMG_0165 IMG_0162 IMG_0149 IMG_0145 IMG_0143 IMG_0128 IMG_0123 IMG_0117  IMG_0105 IMG_0074 IMG_0001

Lundi 17 mars 2014


Olivier de Lagarde and Jacques ATTALI then Karine de VILLANFRAY in few minutes interviews - as part of our Birthday events (auction related to Planet Finance Foundation) 55Bellechasse - Paris7


Tuesday 25h of February 2014


Opening of the exhibition of Laure Muel and Isabelle Manoukian

L9992622 L9992619 L9992612 L9992608 L9992607 L9992606 L9992595 L9992593 L9992577 L9992572 L9992571 IMG_0122 IMG_0034

Tuesday 11th of February 2014


Opening of the exhibition of Pascal Vochelet and Laure Millet

L9992394 L9992406 L9992496 L9992481 L9992477 L9992476L9992475 L9992450 L9992424 IMG_0104IMG_0082IMG_0062 L9992513

Friday 31st january 2014


Gallery 55Bellechasse and Edouard de' Pazzi celebrate the chinese new year 

photo 5 photo 5 (2) photo 4 photo 4 (2) photo 3 photo 3 (2) photo 2 photo 2 (2) photo 1 photo 1 (2)

Thursday 23rd of January 2014


Opening of the exhibition n°6 : Edouard de' Pazzi

IMG_0030 IMG_0031  photo 4 photo 2 IMG_0124 IMG_0096 IMG_0071 IMG_0065 IMG_0059 IMG_0055  IMG_0027 ed2

Tuesday January the 7th 2014


Opening of the exhibition of Frédéric Hégo and Alvaro Emilio Nino Bonett

03 01 16 18 14  15 17 12 11 19 10 13

Saturday December 21st 2013

Make a Gift... at 55Bellechasse

photo 3 photo 3 photo 4  photo 1 photo 2 photo 2  photo 1

Flyer_Noel Paris

Tuesday December 17th 2013

Christmas Opening at 55Bellechasse

noel4 noel5 noel7 noel2 noel6a 01noel


The first 9 months of  Galerie 55Bellechasse

Event of November 22th 2013


Tuesday 29 october 2013

Opening of exhibition n°9 : Isabelle MANOUKIAN

Isa1 isa3 isa13 isa9 isa14 isa5 isa17 isa19 isa18 isa21

Friday 25th october 2013

Artists' evening on the occasion of the FIAC

oct25-12 oct25-4 oct25-6 oct25-10 oct25-5 oct25-9 oct25-2 oct25-13 oct25-14

Tuesday 8 of october 2013

Opening of exhibition n°8 : SUN Moqing

Moqing1 Moqing2 moqing7 moqing8 moqing12 moqing9 moqing10 moqing11 moqing13 Moqing3

Tuesday 24th septembre 2013

Opening of exhibition n°7 :  Alvaro Emilio NINO BONETT

Alvaro1 Alvaro13 alvaro6 Alvaro3 Alvaro9 Alvaro5 Alvaro7 Alvaro8  Alvaro11

Tuesday 10th september 2013

Opening of exhibition n°6 : Edouard DE' PAZZI

photo 2 (3) photo (15) image_1 image_2 image_3

Tuesday 2nd september 2013 

Summer opening n°6 : Niloufar BANISADR "Colors of Freud" - 2004-2013

photo 1 photo 4 (2)photo 5 (2)photo 3 (1)photo 2 (4)

Tuesday 20th august 2013

Summer opening n°5 : Laure MUEL & Niloufar BANISADR

photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5 photo 1

Tuesday 30th July 2013
Thursay  15th august 2013

Summer opening n°3 : Frédéric HEGO & Pascal VOCHELET
Summer opening n°4 : Pascal VOCHELET & Laure MUEL

photo 5 photo 4 photo 3 photo 1 image

Tuesday 16th July 2013

Summer Opening n°2 : Paintings : new Works from Frédéric HEGO & Sculptures : Pascale MARCHESINI-ARNAL

Reports / Drawings : Michel SURET-CANALE and Photographies : Niloufar BANISADR

photo 2 photo 1 photo 1 photo 4photo 3photo 3photo 1 photo 2

Saturday 13th July 2013

Summer Opening n°1 - Sculptures : Pascale MARCHESINI-ARNAL

Report / Drawings : Michel SURET-CANALE and Photographies : Niloufar BANISADR

photo 2 L9991229 photo 5L9991230 photo 4 L9991207photo 4pascale7 

Tuesday 9th July 2013

Event Y : Photographies of  Madlords' jewels : Vanessa PEREZ - Temporary Showroom : ML (Madlords), collection Dévergondages 2013 (Sculptures : Pascale MARCHESINI-ARNAL)

vanessa0 vanessa1 vanessa4 vanessa7 vanessa8

Tuesday 2nd July 2013

Opening Exhibition n°5  "Pascale MARCHESINI-ARNAL : Works from1993-2013",

pascal4  image_2  image_1  pascale4  pascale12

Tuesday 20th june 2013

Artists evening at  55Bellechasse

(Guests : Gallery NOUCHINE and Artist Laure MILLET)

photo 1 (2) fb4 fb9 fb2 photo 5 fb11  Sun Moqing

nos artistes : artistes 55Bellechasse

Tuesday 18th June 2013

Event X : Olivier de Lagarde & Friends

image_2 (2) image_3 image (2)image_1 (3)  imageimage_1 image_2 (3) image (4) image_1 (4) image (3)image_1 (2) image_3 (2)

Tuesday 11th June 2013

From 6 pm

Opening of exhibition n°4 "Laure MUEL : Works from 2006-2013",

lulu1 lulu8  lulu2  lulu6  lulu12  lulu14  lulu17 photo 3

Tuesday 14th May 2013

From 7 pm

Opening of exhibition N°3  "Pascal VOCHELET : Works 1995-2013",

pascal23  pascal20  pascal27  pascal31  pascal29  pascal28  pascal41  pascal63 photo 1 photo 2

Tuesday 24th April 2013

From 7 pm

Opening of exhibition N°2 "Frédéric HÉGO ; Works 2003 - 2013",

photo 2  photo 3  photo 4 fh8  fh9 photo 3  fh20 fh11  fh12  pascal0  fh18

Saturday 30th March and Saturday 13th April 2013

France Télévision - Télématin - William Leymergie et Sarah Doraghi (http://www.galerie55.com/en/press/)


TV Report in Gallery 55Bellechasse focusing on exhibition N°1  "Niloufar BANISADR, Works from 1998 - 2013"

photo 4   photo 3 photo 2 photo 5 photo 5

Tuesday 19th March  2013

From 5 pm

Opening of the Gallery 55Bellechasse, monthly lunch of the "Churchill Cigars Club" and Opening of exhibition N°1 "Niloufar BANISADR, Works from 1998 - 2013",

photo 1  expo chasse1 expo retro photo expo bellechasse4 photo 1 expo bellechasse2 photo 2 photo 4

Logo 55Bellechasse expo retro1 expo retro3 expo rectro7


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