Born in 1990, he lives and works between Bejing (China) et Paris (France).

Five questions | Five answers

What is it like to be a Chinese artist today?
There are 2 lure in front of me. One is pretending or becoming an occident artist,the other is becoming an artist being marked as “Chinese. What I only what to do is being an artist,my works can be shown in different continent,but I don’t hope that they are marked as either “Chanel” or “Panda”.

How would you define your work in five words?
Dots, seconds, silent reading, or rather, chaos.

What is the best tool to create your work? Why?
My best tool is exactly my imagination,because my brush and ink are in my brain; that can always fit any motive.

What message do you wish to convey through your art?
New changes are delightful, it is new changes that make everything more charming than before.I consider my works as a telescope, seeing a transparent world through it, the past, the present, and the future could float in the same place. Our imagination, hope, and belief could find their own home. The mirror surface of the telescope reflects my desire and confusion about nature, and also the curious order between mankind and nature.

How must a gallery be today in order to represent your work?
There is no doubt that the present of arts weren’t limited in museums and galleys long time before. Nowadays, artists accept being exhibited in gallerys means different. Thanks to this retrospective exhibition, I will be able to look back on these years and think of them again , find the inner clue within my works , all my works, and in which way I deepened my conceptions and transformed them. For a serious artist, this is a process of self-examination. At the same time, the viewers will understand me better through my different series. That is the main reason for me to exhibit in a gallery. The works present in 55Bellechasse are selected by myself sincerely, the publications are the results of many discussions within our team. I like the the space here, downtown but not too noisy. I’m happy to exhibit here.



Art Copenhagen, Copenhague, Danemark
Scope Basel, Basel, Suisse
Art Paris, Paris, France
Scope NY, New-York, USA


SCOPE Miami Beach, Miami, USA
Exposition n°8bis : Countable Clouds, Galerie 55Bellechasse, Paris, France
Art Copenhague, Copenhague, Danemark
In the stillness between waves: Abstraction and Simplicity in Chinese Contemporary Art, BRIC Art Space, Todi, Italie
Scope Basel, Bâle, Suisse
Sonnet, Times Art Museum, Beijing, Chine
Black&White, Galerie 55Bellechasse, Paris, France
Cutlog New-York, New-York, Etats-Unis
Scope NY, New-York, Etats-Unis



Aipad New York - March 30 - April 2, 2017


London Art Fair - 18-22 January 2017


Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary


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