David Ramirez-Gomez

Born in 1981 in Colombia, he lives and works in Danemark.

Five questions | Five answers

What is it like to be an artist in Denmark today?
It is, as in most places, difficult. If you grow up as an artist inside the artist circle, you might have better chances of working as an artist, but if you come from outside that circle, it is difficult to get to the point where you can say, “I am a Danish artist” - or Colombian or French. I feel that this situation is everywhere. But I feel that in Denmark, artists have a lot of possibilities, though it’s just rather difficult to find them.

How would you define your work in five words?
Colorful, expressive, humorous, honest and playful.

What is the best tool to create your work? Why?
I am not exclusively attached to a tool or a material, but I have several favorites of course. I create something out of whatever material that I come by.
The best tool has to be my body; I understand and read my experiences through my body, and I express them through my body, as I am not passive while producing my works.

What message do you wish to convey through your art?
I like to put out my stories to be read by the spectator in his or her own unique way. I am constant while producing my work, and this I believe can be read by the spectator, even if what they get out of the artwork is completely different from what I meant. I don't believe so much in art that has to be “understood."

How must a gallery be today in order to represent your work?
Honest. Hard working, exciting and flexible in terms of arranging exhibitions.
I believe 55Bellechasse has these qualities and many more which I find very good.



Exposition-Rétrospective, Galerie 55Bellechasse, Paris, France
Art Fair, Cologne, Germany
Art Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark
Art Southampton, USA
Scope Basel, Basel, Suisse
Art Miami NY, New-York, USA
Art Paris, Paris, France
Scope NY, New-York, USA
Art Wynwood, Miami, USA


Aipad New York - March 30 - April 2, 2017


London Art Fair - 18-22 January 2017


Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary


International agenda

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