Christiaan CONRADIE

Born in 1984 in South Africa, he lives and works in Mexico.

Five questions | Five answers

What is it like to be a South-african artist today?
I´ve been living in Mexico for the last two years, so I feel somewhat disconnected to the idea of living as an artist in South Africa.  But I think that South African artists, similarly to Mexican artists, are able to draw on a very rich culture, and are exposed to a lot of diversity within that culture.  All these factors contribute to the way that the artist sees himself and the work that he creates.

How would you define your work in five words?
Honest, brave, considered, spontaneous and impactful.

What is the best tool to create your work? Why?
There is no best tool, it depends on what it is you´re trying to achieve.

What message do you wish to convey through your art?
I don´t try to convey any easily definable thing. I want people to engage with a piece of art that is honest, and that demands you to consider it. I guess my ´message´ would be one of someone striving for excellence without contrivance.

How must a gallery be today in order to represent your work?
I think the personal relationship between the gallery and the artist is really important. I think the artist needs to understand the position of the gallery, as a business and the gallery needs to treat the artist in a way where he feels as though there is a common objective that both parties are striving towards, together.



Art Silicon Valley, San Francisco, USA
RVCA Gallery, San Francisco, USA
Art Miami NY, New-York, USA
SurfCity Festival, Barcelona, Spain


Celaya Brothers Gallery, ´This is the wind and this is the breeze´, México City, México
Group Show, Casa Lamm, México City, México
Pig Me Auction, Mexico City, Mexico
Rust en Vrede Gallery, ‘Love before breakfast’, Cape Town, South Africa

Aipad New York - March 30 - April 2, 2017


London Art Fair - 18-22 January 2017


Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary


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